A Romantic Engagement

“I have a senior party at a professor’s home in Winter Park. Can you meet me there?” Diego asked Rose. “The directions are complicated so meet me at the park.”

Rose, knowing it was a dressy party, wore a beautiful red dress.

When she got to the park, Diego met her at her car. “Can I show you something first?” he asked. 

He led her to the park’s gazebo which was covered with rose petals. Along the perimeter of the gazebo were photographs of Diego and Rose together. 

There was also a basin of water and a towel. 

After sharing with Rose why he admired her as a woman of God, he washed her feet. 

As he washed her feet, he told her that he wanted to serve her, to lay down his life for her, and to always point her to Jesus. 

Asking for Her Hand

After drying her feet, he got down on one knee. 

“Will you marry me?” he asked, pulling a box from Tiffany’s out of his pocket. 

Of course she said yes!

They took a walk around the park together after that, waiting for family to arrive. 

I don’t know what they talked about, but I imagine it was hopes and dreams for the future. 

What a glorious place to be, starting out, full of fresh hopes, trusting in Jesus to pave the way. 

What does the future hold? 

None of us know. 

But, how wonderful to trust in the One Who made us, Who loves us, Who levels mountains and raises us valleys. 

Oh, how we need Jesus to make marriage and parenting work, to raise the next generation. 

As they made it back to the gazebo, his family arrived first, followed by my oldest daughter and her husband. We, after making a wrong turn that took us miles out of our way, finally arrived. There was so much hugging and laughing and crying.

​These precious memories will be cherished in our hearts for years to come. 

Celebrating with the Family

The whole gang–both families with the newly engaged couple.

Set Apart

Diego and Rose enjoyed a purposeful pathway to marriage.

They have never kissed, choosing to save that first kiss for their wedding day. 

Instead of dating, they chose to pursue a friendship with a purpose, to see if the Lord was calling them to be married. Spending time with family and friends, as well as serving together in ministry allowed them to get to know one another deeply. As their friendship grew, so did their love and respect for one another. 

Their relationship has been an inspiration to their younger siblings and friends. Purity. Virtue. Outdated values maybe in today’s world, but not in God’s eyes. I so admire Rose and Diego. 

It is  such an honor to watch Diego and Rose walk out a relationship that is honorable and pure. Last week, they went on their first date. In a few months, they will say, “I do,” and I hope their life will be filled with romance, love, and blessing. 

May your day be filled with beauty and love, 
​Meredith Curtis

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