God’s Worship Registry

For a look at the Lord’s Worship Registry, Scripture gives us a clear picture of how God wants to be worshipped. Would you like a quick view at some of the things on God’s Worship Registry? 

A Romantic Engagement

He led her to the park’s gazebo which was covered with rose petals. Along the perimeter of the gazebo were photographs of Diego and Rose together. 

When Things Go Terribly Wrong

When the doctor came out and asked for me to sign a release to give blood, I felt panic rising in my heart. What was going on? You don’t give blood during a simple surgery. Unless…

When Your Sister Has Brain Surgery

My sister was getting on her horse one day when she noticed weakness in one of her legs. She had to help the leg over to climb up. Later she noticed weakness in her hands on the same side. Her friend, a physical therapist suggested she go to the Emergency Room the next day. 

Our Trip to Italy in Pictures

We had an amazing time in Italy. Since you couldn’t come with us, I want to share my trip with you with a few favorite photos.

Stop Spending Money on THAT Person

Finding the right balance between enjoying all that God has provided and seeking first the Kingdom in our finances can be a challenge. In addition, we often find ourselves struggling financially and we wonder why.