May 2012

Plan High School for Next Year

Ready for next year? My favorite part of high school is planning the classes for my teenagers to take the following year. If it is not yours, relax. I will walk you through a simple way to plan next year. Keep the Lord part of the process and cast your cares on Him!

High School: How Did This Past Year Go?

Before you order, sit down and make a plan. But, before you make a plan, evaluate the past year. Have you had one of those years where your child did all the work, but can’t remember anything? Or maybe they did learn, while complaining how dry and boring the curriculum was. One year I got these wonderful high school history tapes. Katie Beth, my oldest daughter, endured them without complaint, but when it was Julianna’s turn to use them, she let me know how difficult it was to listen to them. Jenny Rose has never even heard of the tapes! I moved on to something new for American History.

Turning 50 Already?

Tomorrow I will turn 50. The years have flown by. I have decided to take several hours this week and look at old photographs. I have pulled out every photo album that I can find. What fun it’s been to look back at happy times and reminisce.

Turning 50 – Half Time!

In five days I will turn 50. I can’t believe it. Where did time go? I still feel like a little girl inside who is staring wide-eyed at the world, ready to explore every nook and meet people from every corner of the globe.

Happy Mother’s Day

“You are just like your mother,” the young boy huffed angrily. “I’m glad,” I replied, haughtily. I was proud of my mother. She was loving and kind, but a strong leader, always leading some charitable project. She was loved and respected at church, in our neighborhood, and in our extended family.

Honoring Homeschool Moms

If you could come over to my house, I would put the tea kettle on and make you a big mug of herb tea. Then I would serve you a slice of my gooey rich Tunnel of Fudge Cake, rich chocolate cake with a ribbon of creamy fudge running through it. We would sit and talk about life, homeschooling, husbands, children, world affairs. I would encourage you, tell you that you are doing a great job, and remind you that you are the perfect parent for your child.