October 2011

Superhero Martin Luther

​It was October 31, 1517 when Martin Luther nailed his 95 Thesis to the Wittenberg Door, protesting some abuses that were occurring in those dark days of the Roman Catholic Church.

Making Christmas Stars

“Can I start decorating my house for Christmas yet?” Brock asked.
‘No, it’s only July,” Jenny Rose admonished him.
He continued to ask month after month, so I wasn’t surprised when he invited us over last week for hot chocolate, Christmas treats, a Christmas movie, and ornament making.

15-Yard Penalty

We were watching my son, Jimmy play football against the biggest 13 year-olds I have ever seen. They were giants. I wanted to go rescue my son, take him off the field. ​But these mighty Lake Mary Dolphins held their own But there was one upsetting moment for me. One of the opposing team’s players …

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Welcome to my World

One of my favorite stories about Jesus takes places after He is baptized by John the Baptist. Two of John’s disciples show interest in Jesus and ask Him where He is staying. Jesus invites them to come and see.​The three men spend the day together and when the day is over, Andrew says to his …

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